Delivering NSW-ready candidates of exceptional caliber and performance to BUD/S and the SEAL/SWCC community.

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Navy SEAL/SWCC Preparation Program

Team Eagle One boasts an unprecedented 96% graduation rate and 0% injuries in BUD/s and other NSW programs.


Years creating operators who are now serving the world over


NSW and candiates from all banches who we have helped achieve success


BUD/S Graduation rate after successfully completing our training program


The Injury Rate of our Candidates while attending their NSW program


Team Eagle One Navy SEAL/SWCC Preparatory Program

Delivering NSW-ready candidates of exceptional caliber and performance to the BUD/S and the SEAL/SWCC community.

Team Eagle One Candidates boast a 96% graduation and a 0% injury rate in their NSW active duty program.


– Never Out of the Fight

"You don't work this hard and NOT KNOW exactly who you are"

Coach Mac

Founded on a legacy of excellence, forged in the fire of indomitable human spirit-- Experience Team Eagle One's Eight-Weeks-To-Awesome NAVY SEAL preparatory program.

A transformative journey crafted over decades by real Navy SEAL/s and powered by the blood, sweat, and relentless efforts of the Naval Special Warfare giants whose shoulders I stand upon every day!


A Team Eagle One Candidate Leads from the front.

Team Eagle One will unlock the unlimited potential of every candidate. Our time-tested mission is to forge not just elite Navy SEAL and Naval Special Warfare operators but individuals of exceptional character, resilience, and leadership."

Unleash Unlimited Potential

Eliminate plateaus and create a personal best every two weeks with no injuries!  Get freakishly strong!

Leadership Biomechanics

Develop amazing self-awareness, confidence, and leadership skills without frustration and anger.

Self-Assessment for Leaders

Learn to use self-awareness as a tool for progress without anxiety and insecurity blocking leadership skills. 

Freakish Strength and Endurance

What you've been taught is the opposite of what creates freakish strength and endurance..

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Solve problems and lead teammates more easily without anxiety and overwhelm

Develop High-Performance Teams

Become a respected, highly effective team leader. 

Secrets of Lethal Strength/Endurance

Learn the science and structure of how to prepare for success in any military program or sport.

Absolute Responsibility

Understand how to continually improve leadership skills and abilities without hesitation.

Lead From the Front 

Stand out in the crowd.  Learn to demonstrate leadership by example in everything you do.


With a staggering success rate of 96%, Team Eagle One offers a training experience unmatched in its effectiveness. Our unique approach ensures your preparedness for the program and equips you for lifelong success in any endeavor.

Your journey to excellence starts here. Embrace the challenge, join a legacy of leaders, and redefine what's possible for your life.

Hear from Our Candidates: Real Stories of Transformation and Triumph

“Since I started with Eagle One, I have noticed that I have become more empathetic towards other people along with a greater understanding of why we behave the way that we do. My relationships have improved tremendously. I am communicating more effectively with my girlfriend, parents, and friends, and coworkers. The weekly sessions have prepared me more to deal with the stressors of life.

Coach Mac and Eagle One have helped me LEAD FROM THE FRONT in all aspects of my life..”

— B.E. High School Student

Gina. one of our amazing teammates.

After spending my entire career of 25 years in the SEAL Teams, I have now found another Teammate that “gets it”. John, you certainly have the passion and wisdom to actually help our next generation of U.S. Navy SEALs.

I truly wish I would have had a mentor like you directing my hopes and dreams way back when I was just a tadpole entering the BUD/S pipeline hoping to become a Navy Frogman.

- USN SEAL Mentor

“Coach Mac gave our family the hope and tools needed to push forward toward healing. We now have an understanding of how to work off negative pathways to reach positive and creative problem solving. My son is now thriving, off medication, active, and an artist again. Thank you Coach Mac!”

— S.R. Unlimited Potential Series Mom

“After being part of Eagle One for just one week, I can honestly say that the team has changed my approach to many aspects of my life. Being part of this group has undoubtedly increased my confidence in my physical and mental abilities. Training with the group has also forced me to consider how my own attitude and performance are affecting others around me, which has helped me develop community and personal awareness. My friend told me that Eagle One would change my life and he wasn’t wrong.”

— I.D. Female Spec Ops Candidate

“I have improved physically, mentally and emotionally. My emotional self awareness and control has increased drastically and my confidence has improved. Being part of a team of hard chargers with a Coach that expects only the best is something that I have not been able to find anywhere else.”

- C.S. Early in career and future Navy SEAL

“Throughout my time at Eagle One, Coach Mac has instilled in me important lessons that have been vital to my growth. Coach MacLaren persistently reminds us to watch the paths we cross as courtesy and strategy are synonymous. Coach Mac’s lesson of running all the way through the finish line has seeped into all aspects of my life. In school, work, and relationships, I can run all the way through by giving all of my efforts to certain tasks and seeing them through to the end.”

- A.B. Navy SEAL Candidate

“After being part of Eagle One for just one week, I can honestly say that the team has changed my approach to many aspects of my life. Being part of this group has undoubtedly increased my confidence in my physical and mental abilities. Training with the group has also forced me to consider how my own attitude and performance are affecting others around me, which has helped me develop community and personal awareness. My friend told me that Eagle One would change my life and he wasn’t wrong.”

— I.D. Female Spec Ops Candidate

“When I first joined Team Eagle One I had one goal in mind, to become a Navy SEAL. Since being part of my this team I’ve realized being a Navy SEAL is such a small part of my goal, it is to become a tier 1 son, friend, boyfriend and eventually husband & father. It starts with the things we do today like making my bed & doing the dishes etc. If I never would have joined TE1 I know I would have gone through my life without knowing my true potential & being afraid to take risks.”

— A.R. Navy SEAL Candidate

"What is unique about Leadership Biomechanics and what I found most valuable was the teaching of actual tools that I implemented into my everyday life over and over. This Leadership training is a transformational practice. I had no idea what future was possible for me. I thought I was average with nowhere to go. After learning from this series, I demonstrated my new-found strengths and accomplished all that I need to allow me to apply and to be accepted to a university I never thought would give me the time of day."

— M.S., UC Berkeley

Coach Mac,

Thank you so much for everything you do for us. Coach Mac you teach us things that will stay with us for our whole lives and it will make us even more successful because if we didn't know this we might have not even been successful. Even for people who don't have money you teach us for days and days for free and we really appreciate it. Also all of us are so thankful to have someone teach us things that are really important and will help us in our life, now we feel like a totally different person due to your great coaching skills!

Age 10

Leadership Series Student

Thank you for everything!

Once again, thank you so much and we are the happiest people there can be to have you as a teacher, and we don't have to spend a penny.

You are the nicest person with really funny jokes that makes everybody laugh in the class and the reason why we are all on the right board is because of you, you make us feel so proud of ourselves for getting things right and that is why everyone thinks you are the best teacher ever!Even my parents are thankful to you because you taught me so many helpful things in life that will help forever!

Age 10

Leadership Series Student

“I can’t speak highly enough of these classes. Before this series and your mentoring, I did not see any options for me beyond dead end job that I had at that time. I was feeling more and more hopeless. I now have a career in the intelligence community that is nothing short of amazing. Thank you Coach Mac.”

— C.G., Early in career professional

"This series has changed the way I view myself and everyone around me. I find myself with more confidence and more creativity than I ever thought possible. I used to procrastinate constantly. I realized in this course why I was doing that and how to be more proactive. My parents keep asking what has come over me. I was a C student at best. I have straight "A"s this semester. Thank you, Coach Mac!"

— Nathan, High School Senior

“My husband and I were introduced to the Leadership Biomechanics course personally and professionally during a very difficult time. Things had escalated to the point that our marriage of 20+ years was at stake, and our children were suffering the effects of the stress. Since connecting with Direct Action Inc., we have learned the cause and effect of our thoughts, and we have learned to proactively manage our actions and chemistry by taking small actions such as actively managing our mornings. We manage ourselves, our family, and our business with more ease than I ever imagined possible. I cannot possibly thank John and Direct Action enough.”

— N and J, Family

“I’ve made huge strides developing myself into a man I can respect and feel good about. The sense of confidence and integrity Coach Mac helps instill into the team not only is helping me get closer to my ultimate goal of becoming a Navy SEAL, but also bleeds into every other aspect of my life, from my relationships to family and friends, work ethic, and own personal satisfaction and well being. I’m glad I’ve been lucky enough to find and be a part of this team and to have a mentor like Coach Mac, and I’m looking forward to further growth and development in all aspects of my life.”

- E.B. Early In career professional

“The leadership program has challenged me in a way that demands the highest level of self-discipline and commitment to personal growth. By committing to a lifestyle of self-discipline and personal growth, I have increased my self-confidence, increased my ability to grow/nurture my personal and professional relationships, voluntarily and gladly choose to live a life of service in my home and community, and my self-awareness has skyrocketed exponentially.”

- M.V. Professional and future Navy SEAL

“‘Doing one thing,’ sounds ridiculously simple, but that's the beauty of it. Simplicity is nothing more than distilled complexity. Keep it simple. Show up. Put out. When shit hits the fan, do one thing, and move your ass forward. There is no finish line. Thank you Coach Mac. Thank You Team Eagle One. Hooyah.”

- V.G. Early in career professional

“By holding myself to the Eagle One standard of focus and integrity in everything that I do, I am able to go beyond my previous benchmarks in the classroom and in the military. I also translated this lesson into maintaining the cleanliness of the house that I live in, which has developed a relationship of trust and respect between myself and my parents.”

- A.H. Unlimited Potential Series

“Because of this program, my reputation in the military advanced, people trusted me more, and my ability to focus on more important things grew. This fed directly over into my personal life. My relationship with my significant other rose as trust and stability improved. We now have the time and emotional space to empathize with each other more thoroughly and listen more effectively.”

- Active Duty Military, Leadership Biomechanics, Team Eagle One Teammate

“The program teaches me how to find a way to pull the best version out of myself. How: by allowing myself to find calm in the midst of chaos. By understanding that courtesy is strategy. It has taught me that the teammate next to me is more important than myself.”

- J.M. Leadership Biomechanics Series

The wealth of information and understanding you have is way beyond me. I cannot believe I am learning so much from you at this point in my life. These future NSW sailors now have a serious advantage of not only making it through BUD/S but also in attaining a fulfilling and noteworthy career in Naval Special Warfare and in whatever they choose to do with their lives in future.

Bravo Zulu Coach Mac! - SEAL Mentor

"I have been attending the Absolute Responsibility program for several weeks now and I have noticed significant adjustments in my mood and mental clarity. Coach Mac has taught me how to navigate my brain's negative chemistry and increase my self-awareness and self-discipline. John has a way with his students that is unlike any teacher, boss, mentor, or parent that I have ever had. He makes you feel heard and understood and is an attentive, caring leader. What's even better is that he teaches you how to do the same for others.

-Victoria, Unlimited Potential Career

I will keep these lessons with me for the rest of my life and continue to take these classes until I can teach them myself. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to level up as a leader and who wants to understand the scientific chemistry of why we think and feel the way we do."

- V Early in career Entrepreneur

I have literally doubled my strength in several areas in two weeks! It is not even sensible but its Trye. After months of “plateau” I am finally realizing that there is a real science to training and it just isn’t understood by many. I have had personal trainers and masters level Exercise physiologists and NO ONE has known how to do this. Thank you!

-E.S. Female S.O. Candidate

In three weeks, I have made more gains in my PST performance and my leadership abilities than I have in the previous 12 MONTHS! I had no idea it was possible, and in fact, I laughed at the concept initially when someone told me about Team Eagle One and the level of advancement that had achieved in so little time. Now I wish I had responded a year ago when I first heard of the program. I would be so much farther along the road to bulletproof performance and high-level leadership.

- A.K. BUD/S candidate



Forge Elite Warriors

Unleash your inner warrior with Coach Mac's intensive 8-week US NAVY SEAL program, sculpted for those seeking elite physical and mental transformation.


Master the SEAL Mindset

Dive into a transformative journey with Coach Mac, a seasoned expert in molding mental resilience. This 8-week program mirrors the SEAL mindset, preparing you for life's most demanding challenges.


Unleash Your Potential

Elevate your capabilities with Coach Mac's 8-week US NAVY SEAL program. Unrivaled training, personalized coaching, and a path to unlocking your full potential await those ready for the challenge.

Dare to Dream, Prepare to Achieve: Team Eagle One is more than a program; it's a pathway to realizing your greatest potential.

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